If Shakespeare were teaching today, he would DEFINITELY use Carmella Gates’ plays to liven up his classroom. From the opening scenes to the final curtain calls, middle school age students will be captivated with her humor, dialogue, and insights into the classics and her ability to bring them to life. See for yourself!

Doug Fine, Vice Principal

Talk about authentic assessment! These plays help all kids, even those with special needs to understand the classics. Bravo!

Don Marsh, International Baccalaureate Program Coordinator

Our youth theatre company purchased a copy of your adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This was the company’s first production ever, and I want to thank you for the wonderful script. We had 42 children involved, and a total of 470 people came to see the shows. The kids enjoyed every minute of this production, partly due to your entertaining and easy to work with script. Thanks for your help in making Acting Out Youth Theatre Company’s first show a great success!

Lindsay Clark, Acting Out Youth Theatre

Performing in front of a live audience provided students an opportunity to experience and understand literature in a new format.

Aurora Public Schools

The only sad thing is that tomorrow we can’t do the play. (After the final performance of Frankenstein.)

Brandon, Student

I’m glad I could get on stage and show what I learned about acting.

Michael, Student

Thank you so much! You cannot imagine what a wonderful find your webpage was. These plays will help introduce children to classic plays, inspire them to strive for excellence in school and encourage them to follow their dreams without paying a mint. Thanks again. I will send you pictures.

Vince Stalling, Hope Productions, Inc.

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