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Fairy Gifts


Flower Fairy gives each prince and princess a special gift when they leave her to rule their kingdoms, with the reminder to choose wisely how they use the gift. She gives them beauty, fairness, honesty, sharing, etc. Then she sends Princess Sylvia and Prince Andrew to see how they use their gifts. Did they choose wisely? Suggested cast of 25-30 members. Preview script.

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By Comte de Caylus
Adapted by Carmella Gates

Setting: Long ago in the kingdom of fairies and the human world

Cast of Characters:

The Flower Fairy—kind fairy who raises princes and princesses
The Fern Elf—The Flower Fairies friend and counselor
Prince and Princesses:
Sylvia and Andrew—youngest and most loved
Iris and William—given the gift of beauty
Daphne and Simon—given the gift of fairness
Cynthia and Thomas—given the gift of honesty
Melody and Jeffrey—given the gift of speech and song
Phyllis and James—given the gift of curiosity
Catherine and Marcus—given the gift of sharing
2 to 4 butterflies to pull princess chariot
2 to 4 horses to pull prince chariot
5 to 10 people with whom prince and princesses use their gifts










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