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It’s Tough Being the Prince (Extended Version)


What happened after Princess Beauty, a young woman with modern ideas, woke up? A delightful and humorous story of what the Prince must endure to win the hand of the Princess, including swashbuckling, face-slapping, melting thorns, and dealing with a retired dragon. This is an extended version with more scenes and characters. Suggested cast of 15-20 members. Preview script.

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A Modern Adaptation of Sleeping Beauty
By Carmella Gates

Setting: Sleeping Beauty’s castle and the dragon’s lair, a long, long time ago

Cast of Characters:

Prince Daring, a handsome hero…sort of
Barkley, the Prince’s servant
Miss Mona, the Prince’s housekeeper
Three-headed dragon, fierce dragon at Sleeping Beauty’s castle (three people)
Sleeping Beauty, a princess with modern ideas
King, the Princess’ sweet and doting father
Queen, the Princess’ sweet and doting mother
Winston, the King’s servant /crew
Five peasant landscapers /crew
Three witches
Three monks / crew
Lavalips, a once frightening dragon, now retired
Captain of the Guards, a pompous leader
Six Guards










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