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The Adventures of Robin Hood: A Musical Sort of


Everyone knows the legend of the heroic Robin Hood and his bad of Merry Men who infuriated Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham by robbing the rich to help the poor. This production is a musical (sort of) comedy (definitely) version of this tale. Suggested cast of 20-50 members. Preview script.

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By Carmella Gates

Setting: 15th century England

Cast of Characters:

Robin Hood—our courageous hero
Maid Marian—a Lady and Robin’s girlfriend
Alfred—Robin’s childhood servant, now blind
Maid Marian’s maid
Robin’s Merry Men:
Little John Little
Will Scarlet
Allan Adale
Will Stutly
Much the Miller’s son
Roger Godberd
David of Dorchester
Gilbert the white hand
Arthur the Bland
Wives and children of Merry Men
Friar Tuck
Prince John—evil prince who is destroying England in King Richard’s absence
Two guards for Prince John
Sheriff of Nottingham—Prince John’s evil toady
Sheriff’s 4 deputies
3 Lords
3 Ladies
2 Young ladies
4 Maimed Deputies
Wool Merchant
Wool Merchant’s Son
Wool Merchant’s 2 Daughters
Poor Father
Poor Mother
3 poor children
King Richard
Mortiana, the witch
Tournament Judge
Donkey/Horse to pull cart (optional)

Note: Characters may be double cast, i.e. Lords, ladies, soldiers, etc may also be cast as wives and children of Merry Men. All music for this play, except for “The Happy Wanderer” are in instrumental form on the album “All Time Favorite Children’s Songs,” available from iTunes.










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