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Oliver Twist


Charles Dickens’ beloved story of the poor, orphan boy, Oliver Twist, and how he struggles to survive in 19th Century England. He is raised in an orphanage, moved to a workhouse, apprenticed to an undertaker, and trained as a pickpocket by the infamous Fagin, until he meets some kind people who try to help him. A story of good triumphing over evil. Suggested cast of 30-50 members. Preview script.

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By Charles Dickens
Adapted by Carmella Gates

Setting: England, mid 1800’s

Cast of Characters: (in order of appearance)

Mr. Bumble— head of the workhouse
Agnes Fleming—Oliver’s mother /Rose Maylie, her sister, adopted by Mrs. Maylie
Mrs. Corney—matron of the orphanage and workhouse
Old Sally—midwife who delivers Oliver
Oliver Twist—an orphan since birth, now about 10 years old
Orphans in the workhouse/ Fagin’s pickpockets–7 boys and 7 girls
Mr. Sowerberry—undertaker to whom Oliver is apprenticed
Mrs. Sowerberry—undertaker’s mean, judgmental wife
Noah Claypoole, apprentice/Harry Maylie, Mrs. Maylie’s son
Charlotte—the Sowerberry’s maid/Mrs. Bedwin, Brownlow’s housekeeper
The Artful Dodger—clever pickpocket who introduces Oliver to Fagin
Charley (Charlene) Bates—another pickpocket People on the London streets (Mrs. Bedwin, Mr. Grimwig, Sally, etc from cast)
Waitress in café/ Sixth girl orphan
Fagin— minor criminal who trains homeless children to be pickpockets
Bill Sikes—mean, brutal burglar who once worked for Fagin
Nancy—bar waitress who once worked for Fagin. Sikes’s girlfriend, who helps Oliver
Carol, Nancy’s friend
Toby Crackit—Sikes’s accomplice
Lady buying fruit/ Seventh girl orphan
Mr. Brownlow—gentleman who takes Oliver into his home
Duff and Blathers—police officers who investigate Brownlow and Maylie thefts Judge Fang—judge at Oliver’s trial for pickpocketing Bookseller/Seventh boy orphan
Mr. Grimwig—Brownlow’s grumpy friend Giles—Mrs. Maylie’s butler/ Sixth boy orphan
Mrs. Maylie—kind wealthy lady who adopted Rose and takes in Oliver
Monks, aka Edward Leeford—Oliver’s deceitful half-brother










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